A visitor reading a sign describes the rare calligraphic panel display at The Holy Qur'an Exhibition. Medina, Saudi Arabia

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A visitor (probably from Pakistan) reading a sign talking about the rare calligraphic panel displayed next to it.

This calligraphic panel was executed by Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II (1785-1839). It was written in pure gold ink, showing the words (Allah is the Grantor of success) in Ath-Thulth Al-Jaliyy script.

The Sultan Mahmud II was the 30th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, the posthumous son of Sultan Abdul-Hameed I. He, the Sultan, had a greate passion for calligraphy and studied it under the well known calligrapher, Mostafa Raaqim. He executed numerous calligraphic pieces that spread in many mosques. Furthermore, he had also handwritten two copies of the Holy Qur'an during his reign.