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According to Islamic Tradition, by the 3rd millennium BC, the site of Madaʼin Salih had already been settled by the tribe of Thamud.[17] It is said that the tribe fell to idol worship, and oppression became prevalent.[18] Salih,[6][7][9][10][11][12] to whom the site's name of Madaʼin Salih is often attributed,[19] called the Thamudis to repent.[18] The Thamudis disregarded the warning and instead commanded Saleh to summon a pregnant she-camel from the back of a mountain. And so, a pregnant she-camel was sent to the people from the back of the mountain by Allah, as proof of Saleh's divine mission.[18][20] However, only a minority heeded his words. The non-believers killed the sacred camel instead of caring for it as they were told, and its calf ran back to the mountain where it had come from, screaming. The Thamudis were given three days before their punishment was to take place, since they disbelieved and did not heed the warning. Saleh and his Monotheistic followers left the city, but the others were punished by Allah —their souls leaving their lifeless bodies in the midst of an earthquake and lightning blasts.[13][18]